Goals, Outcomes and Rationale

Though the library deserves a main-floor location, the guiding motto is "Make it work!" and we will use the space the library currently occupies.

The primary goal is to make the space both enticing and more useful for students, teachers, and the media specialist to increase the library as a school-wide asset.

The proposed renovation will allow the media specialist to be "not just a keeper of books, but a resource for learning" by creating an inviting, functional space for teaching and collaboration.

Jefferson's new identity as a "middle college" deserves a library that can accommodate students on their way to post-secondary academics. Though junior and sophomore students have access to the PCC library, it is much busier and often there is competition for resources. Nicole sees it as her job to build relationships with students while they are freshman and sophomores to support them through the middle college transition. Freshman and sophomore students need to become comfortable in the library and learn to be competent researchers before jumping into the community college environment. Creating a well-equipped, inviting space is vital to students' long-term success.