final design proposal
  1. Remove rug, stain & and polish existing concrete.

  2. Replace suspended ceiling with a drywall.

  3. Take tips from basement renovations—replace remove hanging fluorescents with recessed lighting

  4. Consolidate and rotate nonfiction stacks to increase visibility

  5. Move sensors to improve flow into library.

  6. Paint walls a vibrant color

  7. Use pillars for book and art displays

  8. Add standing desks with catalog/research stations

  9. Create prominent signage with consistent colors and typography

  10. Renovate circulation desk to streamline it: remove existing structure and create row of counters with space underneath for storing book carts

  11. Remove heavy, unused storage (e.g. microfiche cabinet)

  12. Weed and reorganize collection in fire exit hallway to create display space for student work

  13. Remove built-in computer desks and replace with computer bank along north wall, move current computers into library classroom.

  14. Turn IT storage room back into a classroom—install a projector and screen for presentations and instruction.

  15. Increase amount of comfortable seating and make it more prominent.

On a related note: To adequately serve the students and staff at Jefferson, it will be necessary to make the media specialist position full time, hire a textbook clerk, and give Nicole a budget for the library.